Hey... Do you know kids are crazy about “Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure”.. See the reason before watch on ‘Aha’.

Hey… Do you know kids are crazy about “Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure”.. See the reason before watch on ‘Aha’.


There are many OTT platforms to entertain people with online movies, as the theatres are closed due to COVID 19 lockdown. Lots of masterpieces and blockbuster movies have a place in OTT platforms. They also facilitated kids to watch animated movies online. But, Aha movies is different among other OTT platforms. The aha ott came with exclusive Telugu movies to watch online.

Lots of Telugu blockbusters and masterpieces are added to their movie library. Also, they are serving kids to watch animated movies online. The fantastic hit animated series ChhotaBheem and Mighty Raju, etc. also available in Telugu version at Aha movies. ‘Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure’ is one of the biggest hit films among the series of Mighty Raju. Aha movies recently added this film to their movies library. So, let’s see the advantages, storyline, and highlights of the film before watching the film on Aha movies.


‘Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure’ is an adventurous animated film. There are many advantages to show animated films for children. The animated films are usually made with the elements of adventures, magic, tricks, scientific and mythological fiction, which kids are most likes. The animated movies include the undercurrent message of moralities and ethics, which children need to learn at their growing period. It is also essential to teach the kids about the values of unity, self-confidence, friendship, etc. to grow children with the best characterization.

But, the children never listen about those while teach by the teachers or parents. They only entertainingly learn those values. That is nothing but showing the animated movies to them when their free time only.

Characters: Raju, Kiya, Karati, etc.

Direction:Rajiv Chilaka and Owell Mina

Production Company: Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations Pvt Ltd.

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 61 minutes

Telugu version availability: Aha movies


‘Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure’ is an Indian animated fictional film popular in the series of ‘Mighty Raju.’ Rajiv Chilaka and Owel Mina have directed the movie.

These two directors were also made ‘Mighty Raju Kids Play’ in the same series, which was also the most significant success. Rajiv Chilaka also produced the movie on Green Gold Animations Pvt. Ltd., with the superior production values.

The story is about, Raju is energized in light of the fact that excursions are the best thing until his naughty cousin Tiya returns home, and Karaati has built up a part to make him imperceptible. By what method will Mighty spare the city when his forces are powerless?

Highlights film ‘Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure’:

The movie filled with joyful elements, which children experience in the excursion tours and holidays, etc. The kids will feel nostalgic while watching the film. The directors Rajiv Chilaka and Owell Mina have used the characters as per their roles perfectly. The gripping screenplay made the movie excited in every frame.

Music composed by Sunil Kaushik was tremendous.

His background music and some rhymes are fantastic.Click here to watch animation movies online.

Finally: ‘Mighty Raju Holiday Adventure’ is a perfect treat to the children with an undercurrent message about values of friendship and unity.