Unexpected Gloryhole experience with a shemale

After 10 minutes search at, I found enough time to run a lot of errands on Thursday morning and noon, before it was possible to re-examine a newly discovered glory hole finally.

Entering the porn store around noon, as at the last visit, this was empty at noon on Saturday. After paying and beginning the long, dimly lit hall, several people can be seen at the end of the leading open booth row.

Interestingly, since this time, I know what that end might be waiting for. I walked from half of the hallway to the other side of the entrance and then walked back along with the other hand, glancing at the pornographic content playing in each open stall. There is nothing I like, but at that time, pornography was not the focus of my visit.

Being attracted to the exciting end of the shop, I glanced again at the empty stall. Apart from a glance, I had not seen three or four people hanging around. Although they are not really in the booth, their position at the entrance seems to have a certain sense of reserved space. The “straight” box is free, and when people glimpse porn videos and then close the door, porn videos are acceptable. Someone blocked the glorious hole with a new roll of tissue.

After entering the booth, this was unexpected privacy, so I began to pay more attention to pornography-it seems that her hands and knees fucked a woman in a maid uniform from behind. The two people on the screen looked pleased, although the woman could hardly be seen because she was still wearing a jacket and skirt. However, her behaviour is that someone is entertaining herself, and this fact also applies to the man’s ass shaking back and forth deeply twitching his erect cock.

I locked the door and heard the door of the other stall closed quickly. When finishing the arrangement of the items in the booth, the film was brushed from the other side, which surprised me a little. The smooth wood inlaid openings are as seductive as the last time, and this is not the first time I got off here. Nonetheless, the almost insignificant whisk surprised me a bit, and a feeling merged with my already eager state because I knew that the forbidden happiness was shared with strangers. The joyful mood still makes me feel like crossing the border into a hidden paradise. Or at least follow my thoughts-sometimes it’s hard to know what part of my decision I made at this moment.

Another surprise was noticing the reality of the porn that was playing in front of the me-the maid was a shemale, stroking “her” rather big and stiff cock during sexual intercourse. Although this is not one of my tastes, I occasionally like to touch transsexual porn, and I even like it once with another man (the woman who married this man married the woman who asked me to turn on the vibrator), especially when the centre of my cock has started to stir.

It’s fun to enjoy some weird porn, although it’s still haunted by the embarrassment that everyone else’s interests are deeply entangled with me. The discomfort disappeared, and this disappointed me. Until now, I have been standing, facing the screen, but after unzipping the pants and reaching the semi-hard cock, I sat in a compact chair, stroking myself harder while admiring the scorching eyes A scene. My attention was focused on the shemale’s hard cock and let her ass do well.

And look at the other end more and more frequently. A man sat there like me, his legs stretched out comfortably, and felt his cock, his pants wrapped around his feet, just like me.

After a while, a finger reached in, motioning my cock to follow me. I’m a little too slow to touch his fingers with my fingers, although my follow-up fingers are expected to confirm that both of us want to play the same game style, even if the stranger doesn’t say a word. Complete privacy is part of the appeal found in such an environment, and also, in the end, there is no real secret about what is happening in Glory Cave. Men are unfettered by each other, and their simplicity is irresistible. Until now, with one exception, it has been pushing each other, or the cocks are in contact and bayonet, which makes me so pure.

When my finger pulled out, a rooster followed. It’s not difficult, and maybe the length is average. But it is unbelievable that even at this point, my fingers first felt its dry heat and smoothness. And she noticed how much my fingers curled around the cock that was already sexier than most people. As he became harder and harder, I started stroking my upright pole, almost losing control, and got away from the reality of playing with another man’s cock. My pumping fist made my breathing rhythm bigger and faster, and the cock became harder and harder.

Finally, I lost control and spray all semen into ‘her’ mouth, ‘she’ looks immensely enjoy and gloryhole swallow very much.